Mountains of management research tells us: Your success as a manager is the result of how good you are at hiring the people around you (and keeping the top performers) and how much relevant and effective training they get.

Effective management training starts with you.


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Our Goals:

Our one-day course is designed to create a clear understanding of the state of management. What is it and is not; what the experts say; what to do about it; how to apply effective management techniques.

What to Expect:

The Cleaver Management Manual, NOW IT'S YOU, a 150-page instruction book with all the must-knows, must-dos and must-haves to support your management development.

The Cleaver Career Planner, based on 50-years of research in the real-world laboratory. An indispensable guide to career planning, and:

  • How to set job standards
  • How to interview and hire – a step-by-step guide with 13 Success Standards
  • How to give constructive feedback to retain top performers
  • Skill building exercises to build confidence in coaching
  • How to plan your career based on the Cleaver Career Planner™
  • How to establish human factor job descriptions
  • How to define the 20 skills of management plus the language to evaluate the skills

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